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Welcome To Michael C. Rogers CPA

What is this Website?

Hey – I’m Michael Rogers.  I am a Certified Public Accountant, entrepreneur and host

So what is this website and how will it benefit you?

If you are an entrepreneur with a tax or accounting question and just want a simple explanation in a common sense format then this is the place for you.

We cover individual taxes, small business taxes, and accounting for entrepreneurs.  So whether you are someone just looking for a simple explanation on how your tax return works or an entrepreneur trying to start a business you’ll find easy to understand information on how accounting and taxes work.  The best part is we provide these resources to you free of charge.

About Me

I’m a 37 year old Certified Public Accountant, entrepreneur and real estate investor.  I live in Chattanooga, Tennessee with my wife Caitlin and our three children; Mabry (5), McKinley (3), and Chandler (1).  I have worked hard, but have also been incredibly blessed and fortunate in my career and family life.  My goal with this website is to share my accounting experiences with you in an easy to understand format so you can better understand accounting and taxes.  After all, accounting is the language of business.

My story follows two parallel tracks.  My Corporate Career and my Entrepreneur career.

My Corporate Story

I graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a degree in accounting.  While in college I was able to earn extra income tutoring student athletes in accounting and I found I really enjoyed teaching and helping people understand accounting.  I had a knack for taking subject matter that they were struggling with in class and making it simple and understandable.  Watching the students succeed gave me enormous satisfaction.

After college I started my corporate career at a regional CPA firm and spent my time performing individual tax, corporate tax, and auditing businesses for the first five years of my career.  This allowed me to see lots of different businesses and see what the really good businesses did that the “not so good” businesses did not do.  It also taught me a lot about individual and small business taxes.

Since then I have spent my corporate career at two insurance companies where I performed internal auditing.  It paid the bills while I built up my entrepreneur businesses and taught me a lot about systems, processes, and controls in larger businesses.

Three years ago I transitioned to part-time in my corporate career so that I could focus more time on my entrepreneur journey.

My Entrepreneur Story

My mom tells me that when I was five years old I took a bag of marsh mellows and walked around the neighborhood going door to door selling them for 5 cents apiece to my neighbors.  I guess I caught the entrepreneurial bug at young age.  I have had various entrepreneurial ventures since then, but the most serious business venture has been real estate.

Right before graduating college I purchased my first real estate property; a duplex.  I’ve been growing this portfolio over the last 15 years.  You can see my rental property business at my Chandler Properties web page.  This is the business that provided my family the extra income to allow my wife to quit work and be a stay at home mom for our three children and let me cut back to working 30 hours a week in the corporate world.

Why this Website?

I started this website, because I wanted to help individuals and entrepreneurs better understand accounting and taxes.  Accounting is the language of business and understanding it will help you succeed in the business world.  Taxes are something that none of us can avoid, so the more you understand them the more money you can save.

 As a CPA I get questions from folks all the time about accounting, bank loans, their individual taxes, business taxes, and other business questions.

This website allows me to answer those questions through interviews, videos and a blog.  Whether you have questions about taxes, accounting, bookkeeping, picking a legal entity, or the strategies I recommend to get you to entrepreneurial financial success this website will provide you with a no-hype, free resource.

Please feel free to subscribe my Youtube Channel to keep up with my latest videos.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope to see you on the blog sometime soon!

Michael Rogers, CPA

  • Financial Planning Service

    To effectively manage financial affairs, you need three things: financial knowledge, strong organization, and constant vigilance.

  • Tax Planning & Return Service

    I view my relationships with my clients as ongoing partnerships, and pledge to provide you with quality, up-to-date tax return preparation and advice.

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    One of the most time-consuming tasks any business owner faces is payroll.

  • Bookkeeping Service

    Why spend thousands of dollars by hiring an in house bookkeeper when you can simply outsource your bookkeeping to a professional.

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